About Apollo Media

Apollo Media is a Rhode Island based company specializing in Commercial and Aerial Photography and Video.

Meet the Owner – Alex Bouthillier

© Sarah Zawatsky

© Sarah Zawatsky

Studying the art of photography since 2006, I’ve devoted any spare moment to furthering my skills and knowledge of the industry. I started my photography career with high school sports photography, having progressed to specialize in Active Lifestyle Commercial work. A passion of rock climbing, cycling, and the outdoors feeds my devotion to capturing how people interact their environment.

I like to think that my work stands out because the focus that I put on the athletes in my images. I try to capture more than just the really cool crag, the rushing waterfall, or the setting sun behind the incoming tide. Rather, I do my best to capture the emotion and determination exuded by the athlete in the frame.

Similarly with product photography; get those shoes scuffed up, get some mud on those tires and some chalk on those cams. Products are meant to be used and possibly even abused, not coddled. Let’s see that gear in action, used the way it’s was designed for.

When I’m not out hauling camera gear up a rock face or through the mud, I’m sitting in front of my computer working on websites belonging to private clients. Projects range from developing original WordPress plugins for Universities, to just tidying up some messy CSS.