Take some time for yourself

Frequently, I find myself surrounded by projects, ranging from big client videos to simply mowing the lawn. Some of my close friends are convinced that I take on too much and maybe I do, but it gets done in the end. For a while, I found that the quantity of projects was not the issue here, but when I chose to work on them.

My day starts out at 7:30am every day. I take an hour to get myself vertical, showered and fed before I hop in the car at 8:30am.

From here Casey and I have about 75 minutes before we go our separate ways at work. This time is where I’ve been able to stay collected throughout the week.

I get in the car, plug in my phone, turn on a hotspot, and pull out my tablet. From here, I simply read. Whether it’s the Wall Street Journal, Suggested Reading on ReadingPack, or simply browsing Reddit.

Sometimes I’ll read aloud, sometime we simply sit in silence while we each mentally prepare for the day.

This 75 minutes of reading news, blogs, and forums, changes more than just the commute, but my attitude for the rest of the day as well. Not only does this prepare my brain for productivity, it informs me about latest news and issues without being spammed by the newest cat pictures on Facebook or Twitter.

I make a point NOT to put out my laptop and start writing a new post, working on a website, or editing another batch of photos in the car. This time allows me to wait for my body to wake up before I get to work rather than effectively wasting an hour at work trying to get into the groove of things.

Once I get to work, I’m there until 5pm and then have the trip home. We each reflect on our work days to each other and share what we learned that day. More often than not, I’ll figure out an answer to the problem I was working on earlier simply by explaining it out loud.

The point is; take some time during the day for yourself. Whether it’s reading, running, yoga, anything. I choose to use this time to prepare for my day, but maybe you’ll find you need it after work or before you go to bed.

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