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ApolloCHAT 2 | Facebook Pages for Business and How To Fix It

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ApolloCHAT Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of ApolloCHAT! Not really sure where this video series is going but Charlie from Mindful Cooperative Inc and I sat down looking for easy ways to include our networks in the conversations we have every day. We have a lot more in the works so stay tuned!

5 Questions To Ask Your Producer Before You Hire Them

Okay so you’ve decided that you want to put together a video or commercial for your company. The first step is usually look at what other companies may be doing that achieve the look you’re going for. Once you’ve found some videos or examples that you like, you need to choose or shop around for someone to produce it. Before you hire a company though, there are some questions you should ask to ensure you’re happy with the final product. […]

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Rock Spot Climbing Promo Video

As part of the Southern RI Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Committee, Apollo Media records and compiles promotional videos for each host of our monthly Young Professionals networking event. Rock Spot Climbing is the first of this monthly series, hosting the event on February 10th, 2016.

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Marc LeBlanc Promo Video

Working with a Professional Personal Trainer

Earlier this season I had the pleasure of working with one of my BNI referral partners and good friends Adam Davis. He recently joined forces with OrthoCore Physical Therapy to open the OrthoCore Performance Center. We called up athlete and Big Fish Results representative John Ferris and had him pose for us while Adam ran him through a mock personal training lesson. We started with the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and moved into some basic workouts to show exactly how […]

Day at Surfer’s End

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Experimenting with new post-processing inspired by film.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been focusing on video just as much as photography in the past year. Until recently, I’ve been coloring and processing video the same way I’ve always processed my photos. I’ve always adopted a very “punchy” feel when processing images, bumping saturation, contrast, clarity, and even adding a slight vignette.  Having never studied film formally combined with producing for web and advertising rather than feature films and cinematographic purposes, the color grading in my videos […]

Training at Sunrise

I’m starting to go back and actually start writing some posts on the blog so you all may have seen these things before, but now I get to talk about them! You all may recognize Marc LeBlanc in these images from a couple shoots earlier this year. Marc is a personal trainer, professional runner, model at The Beauty Within Model Management, and currently a team runner for FitVine Wine. The the time of this particular photo shoot, he was training […]

Running in the Rain and Interview with Alex & Casey!

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with Marc Leblanc from The Beauty Within Model Management. As a personal trainer and avid runner, Marc proposed incorporating his passion of running into a photo shoot. His interest in my previous work with Allie gave me some ideas to work with. We planned to start shooting at sunset, but Marc arrived a bit early. Rather than sit around and wait for the sun to go down, we decided to improvise […]

Playing with water

This week I decided to give myself a challenge. I wanted force myself to try something new, in a three day period, all while spending no money. Sounds hard right? I thought so too. First I needed a concept. Nothing specific, but something rough enough so I knew what else to look for. At first I looked into working with fire, but quickly found that I’d rather use professional equipment ($$$) than DIY my own. So why not water? I […]

Take some time for yourself

Frequently, I find myself surrounded by projects, ranging from big client videos to simply mowing the lawn. Some of my close friends are convinced that I take on too much and maybe I do, but it gets done in the end. For a while, I found that the quantity of projects was not the issue here, but when I chose to work on them. My day starts out at 7:30am every day. I take an hour to get myself vertical, showered […]

Help us name the mascot!

Hey everyone! Casey and I have decided to have a mascot that follows us around on sets! He/She will be at each set, see if you can spot her/him in the BTS photos or video! But First… We need a name Leave a comment below with your vote!

Photoshoot with Jordan and Natalie

Short post today everyone… Last Tuesday I had the pleasure to spend a few hours on the beach in Newport with Jordan and Natalie from Kingston RI. The challenge was to capture the two lovely ladies with no artificial light or modifiers; only to use the camera in my hand to create the image. Luckily for me, it was perfectly overcast, still late in the day. Although the overcast light was fantastic, it meant that once the sun was going down, […]

Change is in the air…

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and clients alike; I have some good news and bad news. Sam and Alex, the co-founders of Bouthillier & Jacobs, have decided to go their separate ways. Due to artistic differences, and conflicting projects our dynamic duo will now only be occasionally collaborating. Sampson Jacobs has signed a contract with National Geographic, and is still pursuing his Journalism degree at the University of Rhode Island. He’s currently working on a film with URI Journalism Professor Kendall […]