Refocus Womens T-Shirt


Too many of us spend WAY too much time in front of a computer. Yes I sound like your mother, but it’s true! I’m guilty, but let’s make a change together.

It’s 80 degrees (F) right now outside. Not a cloud in the sky, perfect weather. And what am I doing, I’m convincing you to help be part of a movement.

Even if your first step is to grab an extension cord and bring your laptop outside, great! GET OUTSIDE.

Go for a walk, grab a kayak, go walk to your favorite coffee shop instead of grabbing a cab, it doesn’t matter. Just go enjoy this beautiful earth while we can.

REFOCUS your point of view on how your day has to go. Take your bike to work, take your dog/cat/hippogriff for a walk, somehow incorporate getting outside into your daily schedule.

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